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Silora Valley

The Silora Valley, Ranikhet is set to be the number one pollution free in the arms of nature, destination of hills in India. Silora valley is well naturally dressed with flora, fauna and Himalayan view.

Silora valley is closed to nature with rich Aura of hills. There cannot be a better feeling then starting your day in the most refreshing manner with soothing breeze and chirping of birds. With a morning cup of coffee and prepare yourself for a promising day ahead.

In classical thought the four elements earth, water, air and snow, frequently occur. In Silora valley you will enjoy fresh air in your cottage. The sample cottage and children park has been designed to reward your children with joy and happiness and if you fancy a game of billiards and want to enjoy a bonfire in the glimpse of evening the fully equipped recreation room and bonfire place awaits you.

Health Benefits

Hills have a justifiable reputation as a clean, green destination, with pure water and air and quality of organic foods basics for healthy lifestyle with mental health and peace benefits. This is one of the way in which people many of whom are retired can proactively manage their physical and psychological well being regaining a new more relaxed face of life. Medical science has also proven that air of hills is very good for lungs it purify your body in other words air, water and vegetation of hills service your body to regain strength and mental piece for future assignment of your life.

Financial Benefits

If you built a cottage in your plot area you will get handsome amount of rent against it. As per our survey the three bedroom cottage on rent is of 1.5 lacs rupees per month and four bedroom cottage is of 3 lacs rupees per month. So it’s a big reason for considering to buy a property on hills.

Security Benefits

Ranikhet is a well developed army cantonment area with zero crime rate. People of Ranikhet are very friendly and always greet the tourists with warm welcome and never believe in theft because they consider hills as DEV BHOOMI. Due to army cantonment area the people are very disciplined and friendly they follow all traffic rules and laws of their state.


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