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Wild Life

Flora and Fauna

The typical climatic factor is responsible for the type of flora and fauna found in Ranikhet in Uttarakhand. The flora, which are found commonly in this place, include pine, oak and deodar. The wild lives, which are sheltered in the forested areas of Ranikhet, are wild bear, leopard, Indian hare, red fox, leopard cat, barking deer, sambhar, pine mertin, mountain goat, red faced monkey, jackal, langur and porcupine.

Pine Tree Ranikhet

Pine Tree

Oak Tree Ranikhet

Oak Tree

Deodar Tree Ranikhet

Deodar Tree

Wild Bear Ranikhet

Wild Bear

Leopard Ranikhet


Indian Hare Ranikhet

Indian Hare

Red Fox Ranikhet

Red Fox

Leopard Cat Ranikhet

Leopard Cat

Barking Deer Ranikhet

Barking Deer

Sambhar Ranikhet


Pine Mertin Ranikhet

Pine Mertin

Mountain Goat Ranikhet

Mountain Goat

Red Faced Monkey Ranikhet

Red Faced Monkey

Jackal Ranikhet


Langur Ranikhet


Porcupine Ranikhet



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